Eric & Rachel Taylor

Eric is a 15 year entrepreneur whose interests span from each end of the spectrum.  He has extensive knowledge of electronics, art, landscape design, building and marketing.

Rachel has been studying and perfecting her love of photography since she was first introduced to it in high school.   She now has over 15 years of professional studio experience in portrait photography.

Rachel is a mother of two handsome boys and Eric is a father of four beautiful daughters and one handsome son.  In May of 2013,  they got married and instantly became a very busy but very happy family of nine!  

Together, with Eric's experience as an entrepreneur and Rachel's extensive knowledge and love of photography, they started Piedmont Photography.

Piedmont Photography

"To You"

We take our studio to your favorite spot in order to customize your session and make it special for you and your family.  Below are a few beautiful places you may like to consider if you haven't found the perfect place yet... Pictured below are images from Boar's Head Inn, the main beach at Lake Montecello and our Portrait Garden at our very own Taylor home.